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wxNibbles Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
nibbles::CaptureDialogDialog used to capture input from the user and configure the controls
nibbles::CapturePanelPanel used to handle events for the CaptureDialog
nibbles::GameClass encompassing all the aspects of a Nibbles game
nibbles::HiScoreClass to represent a HiScore
nibbles::InputDialogDialog to setup the input map
nibbles::InputMapThe user-defined InputMap
nibbles::LevelClass to represent a Level maze in Nibbles
nibbles::NibblesAppThe main application class for wxNibbles
nibbles::NibblesFrameThe main application frame
nibbles::NibblesPanelThe panel where the game is drawn
nibbles::SnakeClass representing the Snake in Nibbles
nibbles::TimerTimer class used to control the game iterations

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